VS11-Thurston County Oversize Vehicle Warning




This service package uses external measurements taken by the roadside infrastructure, and transmitted to the vehicle, to support in-vehicle determination of whether an alert/warning is necessary. Specifically, the infrastructure data equipment detects and measures the approaching vehicle's height and width. The infrastructure component of the service package transmits the vehicle measurements, along with bridge, overpass, or tunnel geometry, to the oversize vehicle. The vehicle application utilizes this data to determine whether the vehicle can clear the bridge or tunnel. If deemed necessary, the driver is alerted to the impending low height and/or narrow horizontal clearance bridge or tunnel prior to a decision point, enabling the vehicle to reroute and avoid a collision. If the driver ignores the alert and continues along the route, the vehicle will generate a warning indicating an impending collision at a point near the bridge or tunnel approach. To support unequipped vehicles the infrastructure will display warning or reroute information when the measurements indicate that a vehicle does not have adequate height or width clearance. This service package can be expanded to consider weight as well as height and width.

Includes Elements

Commercial Vehicles
Thurston County ITS Roadway Equipment
Thurston County Traffic Management System and Maintenance and Construction Management