ITS Standards Support for emergency dispatch requests

TypeSDOTitleDoc ID
Standard ProfileProfileWide Area Wireless using ASN.1 as encoding methodWAW-ASN1
ProfileWide Area Wireless using JSON as encoding methodWAW-WWWBrowser-JSON
ProfileWide Area Wireless using XML as encoding methodWAW-XML
Other StandardConsortium of AASHTO, ITE, and NEMAProfile FrameworkNTCIP 8003
Institute of Electrical and Electronic EngineersStandard for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE) - Resource ManagerIEEE 1609.1-2006
Message/DataAmerican National Standards InstituteElectronic Filing of Tax Return DataANSI TS813
Communications ProtocolInternet Engineering Task ForceHypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1IETF RFC:7230